A   B   C's   of   R e t i r e m e n t




Retirement can stir up some ugly emotions within us. 

We can stop pretending everything is ok when it isn’t. 
We can turn a frustrated retirement into a beautiful one. 

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Dorothy will be happy to listen to your concerns.  You'll gain insight into why you react the way you do.  You’ll leave with tears of joy, inspired to create the retirement of your dreams. ​​

Dorothy's dream: 

  • Emotional healing in her marriage. 

Growing up in a culture of silence.  Pretending to be ok when she wasn’t.  Left Dorothy exhausted.
Big G heard her cries and sent her an Italian solution named Vincenzo.  But she got lost in a culture not her own.

Longing to just be herself and find her voice, she let go of being terminally serious . . . . . . 

! Just in Time!  

Big G provided a Canadian solution for their marriage. 
“Learn to say I’m sorry, at home," He said.
Learning to adapt to change, bolster each other and cooperate: 

  • Dorothy asks for what she wants.  By showing up, standing up and speaking up using the language of love.  Her new tool to communicate clearly.
  • Vincenzo learns to not interrupt.  Listen to her requests and allow her to just be herself.
  • Dorothy and Vincenzo, inspired by Big G can say I’m sorry.  I love you.  Forgive me.  Thank you.

Dorothy acknowledges she's no saint. 
Relationships can be complicated!!

By the grace of Big G, for the Glory of Big G; she gets through good moments with silent prayers and 
moments of anger with silent swears.
Her new tool is to write an angry letter to an angry bird
then flush it down the toilet.

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