​​ ABC's of Cancer - Always Believe Christ​​

​Christ can change the c in cancer to a d.  Then it becomes dancer.
Let the dance with cancer begin.  Accept what is. 

Learn how Big G encourages you with His best while going through your worst.

Your worst could start out as fear, anxiety and depression. 

Depression can turn into inspiration as you share your flight to freedom.
Filled with hope and discoveries you've made along the way.
Your family & friends will be amazed at how your strengths are expanding. 
Your weaknesses diminishing.  Your belief in yourself flourishing. 
Your relationship with Big G elevating.

​​Emotions and food play a huge role in a body at ease or diseased.​​

​​Big G wants to be your tour guide through cancer. 
Please make your choice wisely as you consider your next steps and action plan. 
Knowing when enough is enough,
will help you make the best choice for you.

Step One
Believe the diagnosis - you've got cancer.   
Step Two
Ignore or accept the prognosis
Step Three 
Cry out to Big G, trusting Him as your tour guide.
Step Four
Choose a plan.  Stick with the plan.

Choosing to accept the prognosis and wanting to pray, cry and let go of life. 
You have two choices.
Choice # One Finish well filled with inspiration.  Dealing with your emotions in the best way possible. 
Inviting others to be a part of your journey.
Choice # Two Not finish well.  Pretending all is well, living in silence. 
Suffering alone as you pretend to be OK.  Ignoring your feelings and fears.

In finishing well, you can teach your family and friends
the best you can.  How  you're going to live each day as if it were your last.  
Accepting death as part of life and asking others to teach you about
heaven, will bring hope and healing to your emotions.  

Living with assurance of eternal life brings peace to your mind.  
When you are filled with peace you can
write a love letter to your loved ones.  
Your letter will live on when you're gone!

In not finishing well, hoping that cancer won't take your life,
without asking for prayer or support.  Your journey
will be more difficult than you could ever imagine.

If you ignore the prognosis you have one choice.

Be in charge and fight for your life.

Pray, cry and let go of your fears. Live each day to the fullest. 
Discover new ways of dealing with your negative emotions.
Get to know yourself.

  'Courage' will lead the way as you fight for your life or surrender to your death.  

   Choose a Plan
A B or C

Plan A - Create a self-directed plan
Trust in Big G for direction.
Believe you can research and choose wisely

Plan B – Choose a Medical Doctor  
Trust Big G for direction
Believe you can agree or disagree

Plan C - Choose a Naturopathic Doctor
Trust in Big G for direction
Believe your choice is the best choice for you.

 Find your voice.  Make your choice.

Experience the best while going through your worst. 
Connect the dots with Dorothy for emotional support.
She's conquerored breast cancer.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

Dorothy's sharing the intro to her next book.

Below is a YouTube video with an introduction to the book.
Please view and share the link to
​Breast Cancer's Emotional Tour