​​ ​​ABC's of Cancer - Always Believe Christ​​

​Christ can change the c in cancer to a d.  Then it becomes dancer.
Let the dance with cancer begin. 

Learn how Big G encourages you with His best while going through your worst.

Your worst could start out with fear,terror, anxiety and depression. 

Depression can turn into inspiration as you create your own 'Flight to Freedom'.
Filled with hope and discoveries you've made along the way.
Your family & friends will be amazed at how your strengths are expanding. 
Your weaknesses diminishing.  Your belief in yourself flourishing. 
Your relationship with Big G elevating.

​​Emotions and food play a huge role in a body at ease or diseased.​​
Dorothy is introducing her story of Courage. 
Breast Cancer's Emotional Tour ~ 'Flight to Freedom' through 5 stages