​​Mrs. Encouragement​​
Dorothy Sessa
Author   Speaker   Encourager​​​​​

Dorothy opens conversations 3 ways around Courage and Possibilities.

1.  Encouraging families touched by Cancer.  Suicide.  Retirement.

2.  Empowering women one on one or in groups.

3.  Inspiring those near death or those discouraged by illness -
to plan a celebration of their life. 
As you face the challenges and changes in your life, possibly with a cancer diagnosis, a disability or even retirement. Dorothy encourages you to know that Big G is right there with you and wants to be your friend. She can lead you to experiencing the best while going through the worst.

After planning events for her children's birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and milestone birthdays, it brings a sense of purpose to inspire those who'd love to have a special celebration of their life before their life is over.  A celebration of their life to move forward and not give up.  An opportunity to be blessed by family & friends.

Call Dorothy today.  You'll say, thank you Mrs. Encouragement, my depression has turned into inspiration.  I'm glad I found the courage to pick up the phone and ask for what I really wanted.  

  • I wanted a party to celebrate my life to honor my family before my life is over. 
  • I needed a party to encourage myself and my family so we could laugh again.   

A party to help me discover being grateful for the memories.  Thx Dorothy Thx! 

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Dorothy is presently speaking with RSVP Ministries (formerly Stonecroft Canada)
She'll be speaking at the following locations:
March 13 Camrose and Leduc Alberta  March 14  Edmonton Alberta
April 9 Drumheller Alberta  April 10 Didsbury Alberta
For meeting locations and reservations 4 days prior, please click on the contact button.