​​Let go of suicidal thoughts!​​

Take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds
then let it out slowly.
Do this until your panic subsides.

Then ask yourself 2 questions

1.  What are you feeling?
wait for the answer then ask yourself the 2nd question

2.  When did you first feel like this?
the answer to your question will set you on a new path of getting to know yourself.
Now you get to choose how to handle life's challenges and changes.

Life is full of challenges and changes.
Life is full of choices.  
Big G makes choices too, He chose you. 
You are His beloved. 

He chose you to know how great is
His Love for you, yes you!
There is nothing you could do to make
Big G love you more or love you less.  
He just loves you, period.  

You've made your choice to
move forward and let go of your
suicidal thoughts.  
Now what? 

Grab a box of kleenex.  Get to know Big G and how much He loves you. 

Any time you want to watch the video below to bring peace to your mind.
Tell yourself to 'be still and listen' until your mind is more relaxed.
When you're ready, watch the video,
365 names of God.  Created by John Paul Jackson.
Doing these things will help you cry, breathe deeply
and give a higher order to your mind. 

Being Still with Big G, brings light into your thoughts.  
Each time you do this, your mind gains order.  You'll find that
with each session the order of your thoughts lasts longer and longer.

Celebrate your life - you've been set free!  
Free to be who you were created to be!
No more 'all by yourself' pity parties.
Start making some friends
and really have some fun! ​​